Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting

A team of trusted counselors cultured on core values of diligent work, technical expertise, and clear communication service. AMB provides efficient services in the fields of resource management, sustainable development,​ and other environmental services including:

  • Solid Waste
  • Wastewater management consulting and assessment
  • Capacity building and institutional strengthening
  • Master planning for development projects
  • Environmental awareness campaigns
Waste Management

Waste Management

AMB specializes in ​environmental assessment and cleanup services,​ led by a result-driven team of professionals and a commitment to the community and valuable insights.

AMB is dedicated to the Levant and Gulf areas in several fields of waste management contracting, which include:

  • Waste sorting
  • Treatment and transport of industrial and urban waste
  • Industrial and urban hygiene management.
  • Material pre-recycling
  • Containers washing
  • Leasing of dumpsters and compactors
  • Landscape design and maintenance for public spaces 


The team of architects and engineers is perceptive about the regional concerns, with a focus on performance and quality to deliver effective and ​sustainable solutions.​ AMB offers multidisciplinary collaboration and innovative solutions to help build the framework for more resilient and sustainable natural areas and infrastructure.

AMB is constantly drawing on the latest trends and innovations. Equipped with the skills and experience to implement these practices in new homes as well as remodeling projects.