Environmental  Consulting


AMB provides services in the fields of resource management, sustainable development and other environmental services. These services include solid waste and waste water management consulting and assessment, capacity building and institutional strengthening, master planning for development projects in addition to environmental awareness campaigns.

Waste  Management


AMB is dedicated to the Levant and Gulf area in the various fields of waste management contracting, which includes, but is not limited to collection, sorting, treatment and transport of industrial and urban waste. Also, the company offers services for urban and industrial cleaning and washing, material pre-recycling, containers washing, in addition to leasing of dumpsters and compacters. Moreover, AMB works in landscape design and maintenance for municipalities, airports, and other public spaces.

Smart Solutions & Automation

Smart Solutions &

We provides Information Technology Solutions. We offer interactive connected solutions that introduce Smart Automation by designing and executing smart solutions for houses, buildings and communities.



Low Voltage: As a System Integrator Company we serve the development of the intelligent building systems and operations; enabling and associating many subsystems in one whole innovative system with the aim of saving resources such as money, time and energy.

Conventional: We are constantly drawing on the latest trends and innovations in order to stay on the vanguard of technology. Equipped with the skills and experience to implement these practices in our new homes as well as our remodeling projects and in order to keep our costs as competitive as possible, all of our work is estimated on a project by project basis according to the exact design requirements.