AMB Holding Overview

AMB holding is a Lebanese company that was established in November 2008. AMB’s headquarter is in Lebanon. It has presence in Qatar. The company started in all sectors of environmental consulting. In 2014, AMB has partnered with Nicollin Group which is the third biggest waste management company in France. In 2017, AMB bought the Nicollin Group shares in the Joint venture and remain a local company operating at the moment in Lebanon. 

The company addresses core businesses opportunities in the field of waste management mainly contracting and operation of MSW facilities.

AMB is constantly drawing on the latest trends and innovations in order to stay on the vanguard of technology. Equipped with the skills and experience to implement these practices in our new country as well as our remodeling projects and in order to keep our costs as competitive as possible, all of our work is estimated on a project by project basis according to the exact design requirements.

Our main objective is to grow in this market as a key player in enhancing the role of the private sector in the public service and be able to play a key role in solving the solid waste issue in Lebanon and the region and develop countries, enabling smart systems and IOT technology to create smart cities.


Over 10 years of expertise in the world of environmental management and system integration.

AMB Holding continues to progress with long-term investments in various sectors ranging from Telecommunications and IT, Real Estate Development and Contracting, Low Current Security and Fire Systems, and waste management .

The history of AMB Holding as a company spans over 10 years of business in the Middle East and Asia focusing on different businesses and interests with entrepreneurial spirit. 

Despite harsh conditions in this decade, the company has overcome various challenges in its countries of operation and has continuously enjoyed growth and success due to its team professionalism and its founder’s vision.

We offer our subsidiaries a high degree of functional autonomy and authority. This in turn provides them with an essential flexibility and focused approach.

With a talented workforce and a dynamic vision, the team has successfully leveraged his competitive positioning and managed to foster strategic partnerships with global market leaders in different sectors.

Chairwoman Message

AMB Holding is a multi-disciplinary private holding mainly focusing on achieving sustained long-term growth. 

Headquartered in Beirut – Lebanon, AMB Holding has succeeded in enhancing its competitive positioning through its well-integrated approach to long-term value creation.  

Our values are nurtured by the wide ranging experience of the company’s shareholders, and team. 

Our mission has been to provide all of our clients with highly reliable, cost efficient and unique solutions that meet their current and future needs.

We go places few go too 

We foresee a future few can foresee; and

We deliver what few can deliver

Constantly exploring futuristic solutions, AMB Holding endeavors to continue research and development to achieve a cleaner more technological future keeping our same stable core values which keeps us who we are